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Search through our online documentation to find everything from installations to function definitions. You can use the FreeFind powered search feature to locate information on this site, related sites, and our community email archives. We will continue, as always, to update the documentation and Q&A sections as new information evolves and based on your comments and suggestions. Online Documentation

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We also invite and encourage you to join the Message Sniffer mailing list. We have a lot of very smart folks on there who have implemented Message Sniffer in a wide range of environments. You will find helpful information not only on Message Sniffer but also on a wide range of related issues.

Error Codes

Learn more about the definition for the error you are receiving to help trouble shoot the problem.

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False Positives Help

Find information about help with urgent false positives (rule panic) and regular false positives.

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If all else fails, feel free to call our technical services number between 0700-1700 eastern: 703.779.3664 in Northern Virginia, USA.

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